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This is Beethoven – A Digital Arts Festival Dec 16-19, 2020

Emerald City Music


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This is Beethoven is a collaboration uniting twenty multi-diciplinary arts organizations in a city-wide festival demonstrating the power of arts to articulate our society’s moment in time. Centered around the 250th birthday anniversary of the revolutionary composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, this festival symbolically pays homage to the composer while making current the same pioneering spirit he represented during his time.

Tickets and Information: This is Beethoven will be livestreamed (www.thisisbeethoven.org) from December 16-19, 2020. There is no cost to watch the livestreams! We simply ask you to share the stream, and make a donation to support the effort if you are able. All concerts will be available on this website after the livestream, accessible by donation.

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