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Mary’s Place No Child Sleeps Outside Campaign

Mary's Place

Help meet the $2 million goal before December 31 to make it possible for over 650 families – 2,300 moms, dads, and kids – to achieve their dream of safe, stable housing next year!

The safest place for a family to be during this pandemic is in their own home. Experiencing homelessness is traumatic for families and children, and during this pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep families safe and housed. This year’s campaign will provide funding for Mary’s Place to create a Rapid Response Fund to help families move quickly into housing – or keep their hard-won homes – opening more shelter space for families this winter. Reaching the $2 million goal will help over 650 families, more than 2,300 moms, dads, and kids achieve their housing goals. The No Child Sleeps Outside campaign runs through December 31. Anyone can help ensure that No Child Sleeps Outside this winter just by going to the crowdfunding site at NoChildSleepsOutside.org to make a donation or start a fundraising team.


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