Help us keep South Lake Union small businesses going strong. Support them today by ordering takeout/delivery, purchasing products, attending virtual fitness classes or buying gift cards.

Gift Cards

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Continuing to support each other during this unprecedented time is the best way to help keep our small, business community afloat.

One way you can help a small businesses like ours during this difficult time is to buy a gift card to be redeemed on a future cruise.

Waterways Cruises Gift Cards:

*Can be used towards booking ANY public cruise
*Valid towards cruise enhancements and pre purchased items
*Do not have an expiration date
*Can be purchased in any denomination
*Can be given to anyone and be used by anyone

Waterways Cruises has been in business for over 25 years and we look forward to weathering this crazy storm. We appreciate your love and support and look forward to getting back on the water and cruising with you again soon.