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UW Medicine

Located on the corner of Dexter Avenue N and Republican Street, the UW Neighborhood South Lake Union Clinic offers primary care appointments six days a week.

The clinic offers a full spectrum of primary care services (including family medicine and integrated behavioral health), obstetrics and gynecology, and sports medicine. Also located within the building, you’ll find designated specialty care from the UW Diabetes Institute and the Karalis Johnson Retina Center. Additional services on-site include a pharmacy, laboratory and digital X-ray.

Medical advice is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use eCare, the secure patient portal, to message your care team any time or call your clinic during business hours (you’ll receive a call back within a day). When the clinic is closed, you’ll reach an after-hours consulting nurse service. We now offer telehealth visits that are completed remotely via web or mobile device for general consultation and obstetrics (OB) services. Established patients can request a telehealth visit by calling the clinic at 206.485.9000 or sending an eCare message to their care team.

We accept most major insurance plans.

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