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Lassi & Spice

Lassi & Spice is a Modern Indian Cafe serving homestyle vegetarian cuisine for breakfast, lunch or a light dinner. Our beverage menu includes Seattle’s best chai, Indian coffee, flavorful and fun espresso creation and 8 flavors of lassis, yogurt-based blended drinks.

Open 8am to 7:30pm Mon through Friday and 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Our Story
Lassi & Spice celebrates Indian culture, offering delicious handcrafted beverages and savory treats. We’ve crafted our offerings to bring back memories of home and sometimes to introduce you to a completely different taste experience than you’ve ever had. Either way, we hope you love it!

Lassi & Spice is my love letter to India, the culture that embraced me as I met and married my husband in over 15 years ago. It’s inspired by years of working at a large Seattle coffee company, punctuated with frequent trips to India to visit family and explore the amazing sights, sounds, and, yes, tastes of this amazing country.

It’s born of love for my mother-in-law, who introduced me to Maharashtrian cooking, simple, light and delicious. It’s born of my long-time passion for coffee and tea, and global cuisine, and from an ever-present search for great Indian food in Seattle. Lassi & Spice is about building the place I always wished existed. Now that it does, it’s a dream come true.

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