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Daniel's Broiler-Lake Union

Daniel’s Broiler – Lake Union
Seattle, WA · Steakhouse

Located on the shores of South Lake Union, guests enjoy waterfront dining with stunning views of Lake Union, Gasworks Park and Queen Anne. Daniel’s Broiler Prime Steaks & Seafood features USDA Prime steak-the top two percent of all graded beef in the nation-and other specialties including lamb, chicken and fresh seafood as well as a selection of high-end spirits, wine and cocktails.

Daniel’s Broiler is a repeat winner of the Wine Spectator “Best of Award of Excellence” and the recipient of the 2015 Washington Wine Restaurant Awards, “Grand Award”. The Daniel’s Broiler wine list proudly features offerings from the finest wineries in Washington, Oregon, California and around the world.

Open 3PM-8PM Daily. Takeout, Delivery, Outdoor Dining

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